Standard Impact TRS Rail

Reference: YST0034

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Rail TRS Standard Impact

Transforming an already impressive tactical firearm into a truly remarkable powerhouse, this rail attachment enhances its appearance significantly. Moreover, it expands the opportunities to embrace the latest advancements in airgun technology. Explore a wide range of options, from the top-mounted GRS bipod to streamlined night vision optics, and everything in the realm of possibilities.


  • Incorporating a built-in bubble level at the rear, this feature enables you to swiftly verify the alignment of your firearm. A crucial addition for precise long-range shooting, ensuring optimal accuracy.
  • Equipped with versatile M-Lok slots, this setup enables the attachment of a diverse range of accessories, including flashlights, lasers, and weights. Unlocking the potential for enhanced customization and functionality.
  • Featuring an integrated 20 MOA, this design provides your scope with increased elevation, specifically tailored to optimize long-range shooting capabilities.
  • Incorporating a Delrin shroud clamp, this component effectively prevents shroud drooping. By minimizing or eliminating potential point of impact changes during suppressor swaps, it ensures consistent and reliable performance.
  • Offered in both standard and compact sizes, this product is available in a sleek black anodized finish.
  • Weight = 1 lb
  • Extends past the gun block 12.5 inches


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