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Basic Charging Station compatible with bottles up to 300 Bars for Air Rifles: Power and Control at Your Fingertips

The "Basic Charging Station" is an essential tool for enthusiasts of air rifles seeking an efficient and user-friendly solution. This station connects to scuba bottles, allowing you to charge your air rifle with convenience and precision.

Key Features:

  1. Purge Valve: The station is equipped with a purge valve that allows you to release excess air, ensuring a safe and controlled charging process.

  2. Pressure Gauge: With a pressure gauge, the station provides accurate pressure readings, allowing you to monitor and adjust the charge according to your rifle's specifications.

  3. Flow Valve: The inclusion of a flow valve gives you complete control over the air flow, facilitating the charging process and preventing unnecessary air loss.

  4. Kevlar Hose: The Kevlar hose ensures durability and strength, offering a secure connection between the station and the scuba bottle.

The "Basic Charging Station" provides a comprehensive solution to keep your air rifle ready for action. Its compact design and functionality make it easy to use, even for those new to the world of compressed air. Ensure optimal performance and efficient charging with this station that combines power and control in a single device.

Simplify your charging experience and enjoy convenient handling with the "Basic Charging Station" designed to meet the needs of air rifle enthusiasts.

Characteristics: Pressure gauge, particulate filter (replaceable) and purge valve.

Connection: Kevlar hose 0.5 m with 1/8" thread / FX Fill and DIN probe at the diving tip.


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