Pellet plenum Kit DRS

Reference: FX21783

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FX 21783


HP Plenum Kit FX 21783: Unleash High Power Performance for FX DRS Rifles.

Upgrade your FX DRS rifle to achieve superior power and performance with the HP Plenum Kit. Designed as the latest High Power solution, this kit revolutionizes your shooting experience, delivering unparalleled energy and consistency with every shot.

Key Features:

High Power Design: The HP Plenum Kit is engineered to maximize power output, providing a significant boost in performance compared to standard setups.

Enhanced Performance: Experience increased velocity and improved shot-to-shot consistency, ensuring precise and accurate shooting under various conditions.

Tailored Compatibility: Specifically crafted for FX DRS rifles, the HP Plenum Kit seamlessly integrates into your firearm, allowing for easy installation and optimal performance.


Unrivaled Power: With the HP Plenum Kit installed, your FX DRS rifle unleashes a new level of power, allowing you to tackle targets with confidence and precision.

Consistent Performance: Enjoy consistent shot velocities and tighter groupings, enhancing your shooting experience and overall accuracy.

Effortless Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, the HP Plenum Kit enables you to upgrade your rifle quickly and effortlessly, without the need for specialized tools or expertise.

Elevate your shooting capabilities with the HP Plenum Kit for FX DRS rifles. Experience the thrill of high-powered performance and unlock the full potential of your firearm. Upgrade today and dominate the field with confidence and precision.


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