Folding Suitcase A.

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Folding Suitcase A


Versatile Storage and Transport Case: Perfect for Air Rifle Equipment

The Storage and Transport Case not only redefines practicality and versatility but also stands out for its convenience and organization. Ideal for transporting tripods, pellet tins, and accessories with intricate shapes, this box features a clever design with multiple access options. With dimensions of  40x30x27 cm, it becomes the perfect solution for your storage and transport needs.

Key Features:

Dual Access: The case opens from both the top and the front panel, providing flexible options to quickly and easily access the contents.

Spacious Design: With generous measurements of 40x30x27cm, this case offers ample space to accommodate tripods, pellet tins, and bulky accessories.

Robust Protection: Constructed with sturdy materials, it ensures robust protection for your equipment, ensuring it reaches its destination in perfect condition.

Side Handles and Shoulder Accessory: Equipped with two side handles for easy transport and a large shoulder strap accessory, allowing for comfortable shoulder carrying.

Storage Versatility: Suitable for items with unusual shapes, this box adapts to the specific needs of air rifle enthusiasts, offering an organized and secure space.

Durability and Quality: Built to high-quality standards, it ensures long-term durability, providing a reliable solution for storing and transporting your equipment.

Whether you're heading to the shooting range or need to organize your air rifle accessories, this Storage and Transport case offers the perfect combination of practicality, protection, and versatility.


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