Adjustable trigger Blade EA

Reference: ZD00010816

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Adjustable Trigger blade for FX Airguns Air Rifles: Customization and Optimal Precision

Enhance your shooting experience with the Adjustable Trigger blade, specifically designed for FX Airguns air rifles. This trigger blade not only offers adjustments in both height and angle of incidence but also features a grooved surface for improved grip, providing precise control with every shot.

Key Features:

  • Customized Adjustment: This trigger blade allows customization in both height and angle of incidence, giving you the ability to tailor your air rifle to your shooting preferences and needs.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with FX Airguns air rifles, this trigger shoe seamlessly integrates, enhancing the performance and ergonomics of your rifle.
  • Grooved Surface: The grooved surface of the trigger blade provides a secure and comfortable grip, even in intensive shooting conditions, ensuring a firm control at all times.
  • Complete Installation Kit: Includes both the necessary Allen keys and the screw needed for a straightforward and hassle-free installation.

Control Optimization: The Adjustable Trigger blade not only offers customization but also significantly improves control over your air rifle. Experience more precise and comfortable shots thanks to the ergonomic features and fine-tuning capabilities of this accessory.

Why Choose the Adjustable Trigger Shoe from FX Airguns: Opt for customization and optimal precision with the Adjustable Trigger blade from FX Airguns. With its universal compatibility, grooved surface, and complete installation kit, this trigger blade elevates your shooting experience to new levels of comfort and control.


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