Harmonic Barrel Tuner 1/2 UNF

Reference: FX20595

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FX 20595


This innovative tuner separates the core rotating tuning weight from the Integrated Shroud, allowing its use with any 1⁄2" UNF threaded airgun. Additionally, it effectively utilizes the air stripping effects of the muzzle threads specific to each caliber.

To enhance dampening, de-resonating rings have been strategically incorporated into the shroud's base. These rings apply pressure to the barrel, effectively reducing vibrations along its length. When combined with the recently introduced FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve, the barrel system becomes notably rigid, minimizing the barrel's harmonic amplitude (or whip) throughout the entire shot cycle. These combined features contribute to tighter shot groups and form just a portion of the comprehensive barrel tuning capabilities offered by the FX system.

*Not recommended for long/free floating barrels.


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