Barrel Harmonic Tuner

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Barrel Harmonic Tuner


Experience unparalleled accuracy with the FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner, a remarkable addition to your FX Airgun that combines dampening and tuning capabilities. The shroud of this tuner effectively reduces the barrel's harmonic signature, resulting in a quieter, more controlled performance.

The standout feature is the integrated rotating running weight located at the shroud's end. Crafted from a carefully selected metallic alloy, this weight significantly impacts the overall weight distribution of the barrel system. Shooters will discover that even minute adjustments to the tuner weight, measuring in thousandths of an inch, can have a profound impact on their gun's groupings, particularly at medium to long range distances.

FX20592 - 500mm

FX20593 - 600mm

FX20594 - 700mm

How to Install Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner

When you´ve got the barrell already installed on the rifle just twist the shroud counterclockwise to remove shroud from the barrel and carefully slide off of barrel.

Next slide the new shroud over the barrel and line up internal treads to the barrel.

Twist harmonic tuner shroud clockwise to tighten.


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