Manometer 27mm WIKA 300bar

Reference: FX19791C

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FX 19791C / replaces the ref. 19775 and 19772


27mm WIKA 300 Bar Manometer: The Standard of Precision for Your FX Airguns Rifle.

Add precision and reliability to your shooting experience with the 27mm WIKA 300 Bar Manometer. Manufactured by the renowned German manufacturer WIKA, this manometer, with reference FX19791C, has been specifically designed for FX Airguns rifles, replacing the previous models FX19775 and FX19772

Key Features:

Specialized German Manufacturer: WIKA, known for its excellence in manufacturing precision measuring instruments, with FX Airguns ensures the quality and reliability of this manometer.

Designed for FX Airguns Rifles: Compatible with a wide range of models, including FX Impact MK2, FX Impact M3, FX Panthera, FX Dynamic, FX King, and all future rifles incorporating reference FX19791C.

High Precision Design: With a diameter of 27mm instead of 28mm, this manometer offers exceptional precision in measuring air pressure, providing accurate information to optimize your shooting performance.

Additional Benefits:

Enhances Shooting Experience: With precise readings of air pressure in your FX Airguns rifle, you can adjust your setup optimally to achieve consistent and accurate results with each shot.

Universal Compatibility: Rifles originally fitted with the FX19775 manometer can easily upgrade to the new 27mm WIKA FX19791C Manometer, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Don't compromise on quality or precision in your shooting sessions. Trust the 27mm WIKA 300 Bar Manometer to keep your FX Airguns rifle in optimal condition and achieve your shooting goals with confidence and precision. Get yours now and take your shooting experience to the next level.


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