Compresor Elec. Hill EC-3000

Reference: CAHILL-10

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HILL compressor for filling PCP carbines

Designed, manufactured and assembled by Hill Pumps at the Sheffield factory, UK.

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Oil bottle that serves as an air lubricant. The dosage is already pre-established. Recommended a drop every minute

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Air release screw - after each use of the HILL compressor, so that it removes all air and condensation inside
Safety pressure valve - can be adjusted to different PSI and when it reaches the stipulated limit, the compressor stops
CE certificate with built-in security
The quietest compressor on the market with only 75db.
Quick fill - Pistols approx. 1 minute and air rifles approx. 3min from 0 to 250 bar.
Adjust the pressure up to 300 bar, with automatic shutdown.
Fully automated and takes care of itself.

Keep in mind that crank oil is now red and silicone oil is transparent. The first EC-3000 units were made with clear crank oil, but now we have changed it to dye it red so that both oils can be differentiated from each other.
Both oils have been manufactured and designed specifically for use with the EC-3000 electric compressor. No other oils should be used with EC-3000.
The oil from the crankshaft box (red) is in the bottle the perfect size for the unit, as it takes almost the entire bottle to fill the crank properly in the initial filling and it should not be necessary to refill it for some time. When filling the crank oil, make sure it is properly filled, this should require close enough to the full 50 ml bottle.
Silicone (transparent) oil is used all the time by the pump and should need to be replaced after about 50 hours of operating time; this is also the right point to change the crankshaft oil.


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