Carbonfiber Bottle 480 cc

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FX 5532


FX Airguns 480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle with FX7024 Valve: Superior Power for Standard (600mm) FX air rifles

The "FX Airguns 480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle" (Reference: FX5532), featuring the FX7024 Valve, stands out as an exceptional choice for standard FX Airguns rifles. This bottle comes standard on FX Airguns standard rifles and boasts a maximum pressure of 250 bars, providing superior power and performance.

Key Features:

  1. Impressive 480cc Capacity: With a substantial capacity of 480 cubic centimeters, this carbon fiber bottle ensures an extended air supply, ideal for prolonged shooting sessions.

  2. FX7024 Valve Included: Fitted with the FX7024 Valve, renowned for its precision and reliability, ensuring efficient charging and compatibility with all standard FX Airguns rifles.

  3. Standard on FX Airguns Rifles: This bottle is the standard choice for FX Airguns standard rifles, guaranteeing optimal factory performance and power.

  4. Maximum Pressure of 250 Bars: With a maximum pressure of 250 bars, this bottle delivers superior power for impactful and consistent shots.

  5. Carbon Fiber Construction: Crafted with high-quality carbon fiber materials, this bottle combines durability and lightweight design, enhancing portability and overall shooting experience.

The "FX Airguns 480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle" with FX7024 Valve is the go-to solution for owners of standard FX Airguns rifles seeking reliable performance and enhanced power. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a dedicated enthusiast, this combination ensures a seamless integration and optimal performance right from the start.

Ref: 5532


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