O-ring Kit Fx Impact MKII PP

Reference: EA1925

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FX Impact MKII Power Plenum O-Rings Kit: Refresh Your Rifle with Ease and Efficiency

Optimize and revitalize your FX Impact MKII PP air rifle with the O-Rings Kit, a comprehensive solution that provides all the necessary o-rings for thorough maintenance. Specifically designed for the FX Impact MKII PP, this kit offers an easy and efficient way to renew your rifle's performance.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Renewal: Exclusively designed for the FX Impact MKII PP air rifle, this kit includes all essential o-rings for a complete and efficient renewal of your airgun.
  • Simplicity in Maintenance: With this kit, there's no need to search or buy individual o-rings separately. With all the necessary parts in one place, the maintenance process becomes quick, straightforward, and effective.
  • Clear Installation Instructions: The kit comes with detailed instructions to facilitate installation, even for those without prior experience in air rifle maintenance.
  • High-Quality Materials: All included o-rings in the kit are made from durable materials, ensuring reliable performance and an extended lifespan for your FX Impact MKII.

Performance Optimization: The FX Impact MKII O-Rings Kit ensures that all essential parts are in perfect condition, improving sealing and contributing to consistent and precise performance with every shot.

Why Choose the FX Impact MKII PP O-Rings Kit: Opt for convenience and efficiency. The FX Impact MKII Power plenum O-Rings Kit provides a comprehensive solution, simplifying the maintenance of your air rifle and ensuring optimal performance.

It does not include O-rings of the cannon, these have to be purchased separately.


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