Thermal monocular 1-8x25 (with rangefinder)

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Thermal monocular 1-8x25 (with rangefinder)


Pard's TA Series monoculars are pocket-sized thermal vision devices for exploring the outdoors at night and in low-light conditions. The new thermal monoculars TA32 LRF and TA62 LRF from the brand Pard are characterized by their excellent performance, a powerful laser rangefinder of >1000m, compact size, sharpness, and high image quality thanks to their next-generation thermal sensor.

Small Enough for Your Pocket: The TA32/62-LRF series is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of scenarios. The device is lightweight, portable, pocket-sized, and allows you to customize your environment for unique wildlife encounters. It's also easy to carry and fits comfortably in the palm of your hands.

Extremely Sensitive Sensor: The 12μm thermal imaging sensor can detect subtle temperature differences and deliver perfect image details in low thermal contrast conditions such as rain and fog. The image sensor is designed with advanced technology to provide organic and rich images despite adverse weather conditions.

Improved Infrared Image Algorithm (IREA): The ultra-clear PARD image algorithm has fast processing speed and great real-time image adaptability. IREA can effectively enhance image details by correcting image distortion, reducing noise, and improving contrast.

3 Scene Modes: With a quick-change function to choose from 3 scene modes (city/forest/rain). The image will adjust according to the selected scene mode, offering exceptional adaptability in different environments.

Multiple Color Palettes: The model features multiple color palettes. You can choose any color palette to perfectly highlight a target. Users can select the appropriate color palette according to different environmental conditions during changing weather.
TA32-LRF: White Hot/Black Hot/Red Hot/Fusion1/Fusion2/Iron Red1/Iron Red2;
TA32/TA62/TA62-LRF: White Hot/Black Hot/Red Hot/Iron Hot/Sky/Edge;

Optional Lens and Magnification

To meet user needs, a multifocal lens with a multifocal length of 19/25/35 mm is available. The small lens has a wide field of view, and the large lens helps you identify multiple targets. You can view enlarged HD images without distortion using 8x digital zoom and 2x PIP zoom.

Smarter Hunting with 1000m Rangefinder

The newly developed compact range module is accurate and has fast detection speed. The LRF provides you with the range information you need to accurately detect game at distances of up to 1000m.

Technical Specifications of Pard TA32/TA62 Thermal Monocular (TA32 LRF | TA62 LRF):

Model: TA32 LRF | TA62 LRF

Lens: 19mm / 25mm / 35mm | 25mm / 35mm

High-performance thermal sensor: 12μm 384 x 288 px | 12μm 640 x 480 px

Detection range: 1.2 km / 1.6 km / 2 km | 1.5 km / 1.8 km

LRF Detection Range: 1000 m

Thermal sensitivity: NETD 25mK 

Diopter adjustment: ±5D

Digital zoom: 1x-2x-4x-6x-8x

Image colors: White hot/ Red hot/ black hot/ Fusion1 / Fusion2/ Iron Red1 | White hot/ Red hot/ black hot/ edge/ sky/ iron hot

Frame rate: 30 fps

Frequency: 50Hz

Optical magnification: 2.7/3.5/4.5x (same for all 3 lenses)

Optical relief: 20 mm

Transmission mode: WiFi/HDMI

Field of view: 13.8° / 10.6° / 7.5° | 17.5° / 12.5°

Display: 1024 x 768 AMOLED 

Photo resolution (px): 2592*1944

Photo format: JPEG

Video resolution: 1024*768

Video format: MP4

Storage (GB): TF Card (max 128 GB)

Image Engine: PARD IREA

Battery life: ≤6h

Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C

Battery: Lithium Ion 18650*1

Voltage: 3.7V

Waterproofing: IP67

Compatible Application: PardVision

Weight (without battery in g): 288g / 300g / 328g | 300g / 328g

Dimensions: 182*57*71


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