PARD LRF 45mm thermal scope

Reference: LPSA62

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45mm lenses, with rangefinder


Compact, lightweight, easy to sight, and equipped with a thermal imaging sensor capable of detecting small temperature differences, the SA 62 LRF is a high-performance "smart" multi-reticle sight designed to be mounted on a rifle, but can also be used separately as a regular thermal monocular. The Pard SA62 45mm LRF thermal sight offers enhanced image resolution and clarity thanks to its 12um thermal imaging sensor, NETD=25mK, 50Hz, which, when combined with the infrared image enhancement algorithm (IREA), provides richer image details and exceptional target recognition. Additionally, it features a ballistic calculator to improve accuracy at long distances.

Compact and Lightweight: Easy to carry for hunting, fits well with different rifles.
› Foldable lens cover
› Focus lever
› Mute buttons
› Power on/off button.

Ballistic Calculator: The ballistic calculator can accurately calculate the bullet's travel distance and then indicate an auxiliary crosshair on the side. This enhances accuracy at long distances.
› Increase precision with smart technology
› Accurate trajectory for long-range targets
› Become a more skilled shooter

1200M Detection Range: The LRF module's volume has been reduced by 70%, and performance has improved by 50%, offering absolute precision and unmatched performance in any hunting situation you may encounter.
› Precise target acquisition
› Faster and sharper focusing
› Long-range accuracy

6 Reticle Options, 4 Colors: There are 6 reticle options available for better aiming visibility. You can choose from up to 4 different colors. Support for multi-user custom configurations when changing your rifle.
12um Thermal Imaging Sensor NETD<25mK
› High image resolution and clarity
› Excellent dynamic capture capability
> Extremely sensitive

Infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm (IREA):

› Lightning-fast processing capability.
› Exceptional target recognition.
› Image distortion correction.

Auto-Activated Recording

When you activate auto-activated recording, the device will automatically record in 20-second intervals when it detects the recoil from a shot. The 20-second incremental video footage will be saved on the TF card.
› Smart Recording. Capture exciting moments.

Optional Multifocal Lens

You can choose different focal length lenses ranging from 19/25/35/45 mm. The small lens is optimal for a wide field of view, and the large lens helps the shooter effectively identify multiple targets. Experience greater comfort when observing targets in different environments.


The integrated 100-lumen flashlight in the device serves as an auxiliary lighting option, helping to illuminate and locate various targets even in the darkest night.

6000J Recoil Resistance

The SA32/SA62 has a high impact resistance of 6000J. It is recoil-proof and capable of withstanding high-caliber rifle recoil.

3 Scene Modes

With a quick change function to choose from 3 scene modes (city/forest/rain). The image will adjust according to the selected scene mode, offering exceptional adaptability in different environments.


wifi, PIP Mode, Stealth Mode, 6 color palettes, video recording, IP67 waterproof

Technical Specifications of Pard SA 32 Thermal Sights:


› Resolution: 640x480 px.
› Pixel Size: 12 um*12 um
› NETD </= 25MK: Allows distinguishing very small differences in thermal radiation, providing a fully detailed image, even in low thermal contrast environments.

› Frame Rate: 50 fps.
› Human Detection Range: 1.8 km


› Objective Lens: 45 mm.
› Optical Magnification: 2.8x.
› Digital Zoom: 2/4/8x.

› Field of View (HxV): H: 9.7º, V: 7.3º, D: 12.2º.
› Eye Relief: 30 mm.

› Diopter Adjustment (°): -5D~+5D


› Type: OLED
› Resolution: 1024x768 px.
› Choose from 6 different reticle types.

› Reticle Color: Red/White/Yellow/Green.

Photo / Video

› Photo Resolution: 2592x1944 px.
› Photo Format: JPG.
› Video Resolution: 1024x768 px.

› Video Format: MP4.

Other Specifications

USB Type-C.

HDMI Output.

WiFi Connectivity.

Compatible Applications: OKCAM, Roadcam.

Battery: Lithium Ion 18650*1

Operating Time: Up to 5 hours.

IP67 Protection Grade.

Operating Temperature: -20 - 50°C.

Recoil Power: 6000J.

Dimensions with LRF (length x width x height): 195x79x59 mm.

Weight without LRF: 425 g.


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