Night scope Pard NV007S

Reference: LPNV007S

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IR 850, 1.5-6x


The new PARD NV007S night vision scope, the most famous model in Spain for hunting, airsoft, and surveillance. It has a range of 250 meters in complete darkness. A twist in its design to perfect the best night vision device on the market.

Quality-price and total warranty. Its affordable price combined with superior image quality and durability compared to much more expensive models from other brands make it the perfect night vision device for hunters worldwide.

PARD updates its most popular night vision device, the NV007A. The new digital night vision monocular NV007S by Pard is ideal for observation with it and for mounting on an optical sight.

It improves resistance, range, and, above all, a design tailored to the needs of hunters.

Compact and lightweight, easy to handle, and completely waterproof against rain are some of its great attributes.

With the PARD NV007S, we can observe animals on completely dark nights up to a maximum of 250 meters away.

You have a choice of two illuminated reticles in this model

With 850nm IR illuminator: more powerful, approximately 200 meters, but may be somewhat visible to certain animals.

With 940nm IR illuminator: less powerful, approximately 150 meters, but invisible to animals.

Thanks to its built-in 850nm Infrared, you can see even when there is no moonlight.

The PARD comes with a ring for attaching to binoculars and daytime cameras.

CLEAR AND SHARP IMAGE VIEWING:  FHD 1080P 1920x1080 sensor and 1024 x 768 OLED screen.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The ergonomic design with a lightweight body makes your cheek more relaxed and comfortable during shooting, without the need to adjust the shooting position.

QUICK MOUNTING AND DISMOUNTING: Convert your daytime scope into a night vision scope in 1 second.


The NV007S can not only self-record its shooting process during the day but also observe targets up


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