Power Kit Slug FX Dreamline

Reference: FX20714

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FX 20714 CAL:5,5 & 6,35


Kit comes with accesories needed for cal .22/5,5 and .25/6,35.

Slug Power Kit for FX Dreamline

This compact set enhances the rifle by incorporating essential adjustments to optimize the potential power and accuracy of the Dreamline, particularly when utilizing slugs. The increase in velocity is primarily achieved by introducing two spacers for the hammer weight. These spacers are positioned ahead of the return spring on the hammer weight guide, enabling greater compression on the hammer spring and contributing additional weight to the hammer overall. To complement this modification, a lighter spring for the valve return is utilized. This lighter spring enables a slightly extended duration for the valve to remain open, facilitating increased airflow for propelling heavier projectiles such as airgun slugs.


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