Hammer Tungsten Impact

Reference: FX20710

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FX 20710


FX Impact Tungsten Hammer Weight will take you to the next level of power!

When it comes to shooting slugs, the increased weight and surface area require higher pressures to propel them effectively. Furthermore, in longer barrels, achieving higher speeds upon firing is possible if the valve remains open for a longer duration. This groundbreaking advancement in the airgun industry introduces the Tungsten Hammer Weight, revolutionizing power capabilities.

Tungsten, with its density 1.7 times greater than steel (commonly used for standard FX hammers), delivers enhanced impact force to the valve. This enables the valve to open even at higher regulated pressures and prolong its open state before closing.

The Tungsten Hammer proves particularly beneficial for longer barrels, such as those measuring 700mm and 800mm. As the barrel length increases, it becomes increasingly advantageous for the valve to remain open, ideally until just before the slug exits the barrel.

Please note that the benefits of the Tungsten Hammer are not applicable to those using standard pellets.


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