Hammer Tungsten 26.5g 8mm

Reference: FX20699

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FX 20699


Experience the unleashed power with the introduction of a game-changing upgrade: the Tungsten Hammer!

When it comes to shooting slugs, their additional weight and surface area necessitate higher pressures for effective propulsion. Additionally, longer barrels offer increased speed potential upon firing, provided the valve remains open for a longer duration. This groundbreaking innovation in the airgun industry introduces the Tungsten Hammer Weight, revolutionizing power capabilities.

Crafted from tungsten, a material 1.7 times denser than the standard steel used for FX hammers, this remarkable upgrade delivers unparalleled impact force to the valve. As a result, the valve can open even at higher regulated pressures and maintain an extended open state before closing.

Especially advantageous for longer barrels (such as 700mm and 800mm), the Tungsten Hammer ensures optimal performance by allowing the valve to remain open ideally until just before the slug exits the barrel.

It's important to note that the benefits of the Tungsten Hammer are specifically tailored for slug shooting, and may not be applicable to those using standard pellets.

This 1.7 times heavier tungsten hammer is valid for the FX Panthera, FX Maverick, FX Wildcat, Fx Crown and Fx Dreamline models in all versions.


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