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LinerKit Impact Tensioned

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LinerKit Impact Tensioned


To push the boundaries of what small-caliber ammunition can do, FX features a 700mm slug-tensioned gun for the FX Impact.

This cannon will allow the FX Impact to fire heavier slugs at the speeds needed to create a higher ballistic coefficient that will allow the Fx Impact to fire at greater distances.
This cannon has achieved a first in the world of air weapons, an air carbine that fires slugs of the same caliber and of the same weight in large as other carbines.
The 700 mm slug tensioned barrel, when combined with a block of the new ones and a tungsten hammer equipped with an FX Impact, places it as the most accurate carbine in the world.
FXB20684 - cal. 4.5
FXB20681 - cal. 5.5
FXB20682 - cal. 6.35
FXB20683 - cal. 7.62
FXB20685 - cal. 9.0


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