Tube FX Dynamics STX

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Barrel Dynamics STX


The FX Dynamics STX Barrel Kit is specifically designed for the FX Panthera, FX Panthera Hunter, FX Dynamic, and FX King models. This kit includes everything you need to enhance your rifle's performance, providing unmatched precision and customization flexibility with its advanced components.

Kit Contents:

Steel Barrel Tube: Robust and durable base for your barrel configuration.

Standard STX Superior Liner: Included for barrels under 600mm, providing exceptional accuracy.

Heavy STX Superior Liner: Included for barrels 600mm or longer, optimizing performance and stability.

Liner Block: Essential component for proper liner installation and function.

O-rings: Provide a perfect seal to ensure consistent performance.

FX Carbon Sleeve: Included for barrels 600mm or longer, adding strength and reducing weight.

Dynamic Barrel Inlet: Ensures perfect integration and optimal performance.

Dynamic Probe: Designed to improve accuracy and consistency with every shot.


Superior Performance: The STX liners provide exceptional precision and consistency, enhancing your shooting experience.

Versatility: Compatible with multiple FX rifle models, allowing for customization and optimization according to your specific needs.

Durability and Lightness: The combination of steel and carbon sleeve offers a durable yet lightweight construction, ideal for intensive use.

Easy Installation: Includes all necessary components for quick and easy installation, with no additional tools required.


FX Panthera

FX Panthera Hunter

FX Dynamic

FX King


Steel Barrel Tube

Standard STX Superior Liner (for barrels <600mm)

Heavy STX Superior Liner (for barrels ≥600mm)

Liner Block


FX Carbon Sleeve (for barrels ≥600mm)

Dynamic Barrel Inlet

Dynamic Probe

Upgrade your FX rifle with the FX Dynamics STX Barrel Kit and experience the superior precision and versatility that only FX can offer. This kit is the perfect choice for shooters looking to maximize their equipment's performance and adaptability.

FXB21013 - cal. 4.5 500mm

FXB21009 - cal. 4.5 600mm
FXB21008 - cal. 4.5 700mm
FXB21014 - cal. 5.5 500mm
FXB21010 - cal. 5.5 600mm
FXB21007 - cal. 5.5 700mm
FXB21015 - cal. 6.35 500mm
FXB21011 - cal. 6.35 600mm
FXB21006 - cal. 6.35 700mm
FXB21016 - cal. 7.62 500mm
FXB21012 - cal. 7.62 600mm
FXB21005 - cal. 7.62 700mm


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