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Barrel STXS


Unmatched Precision and Versatility for FX Airguns

The FX Barrel STXS (Smooth Twist X Superior) Barrel is the pinnacle of Airgun barrel technology, designed to offer unparalleled accuracy and performance. This barrel is the most widely used in FX Airguns, known for its incredible results and the unique versatility of interchangeable liners.

Key Features:

Exceptional Accuracy: The STXS Superior barrel is engineered to deliver remarkable precision, making it a top choice for serious shooters.

Smooth Twist X Technology: Incorporates the latest Smooth Twist X technology, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Interchangeable Liners: The ability to change liners allows for customization and optimization, catering to different shooting needs and preferences.

Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials, the STXS Superior barrel is built to last, even under intensive use.

Versatility: Ideal for various shooting disciplines, from target shooting to hunting, providing flexibility and adaptability.


Optimal Performance: Achieve outstanding accuracy and consistency with the STXS Superior barrel.

Customizable: Easily swap liners to enhance performance and adapt to different calibers or shooting styles.

Enhanced Shooting Experience: Enjoy smoother shots and better results, thanks to the advanced engineering of the Smooth Twist X technology.

Reliability: Depend on the robust construction and design to maintain top performance over time.


Only Barrel no other accesories.

The barrel equip Superior Standard liner in 500mm, 600mm, 700mm and Superior Heavy liner in 800mm

The tranfer Port is dual in caliber 4.5 / .177 - 5.5 / .22,  6.35 / .25 and 7.62 / .30

Technical Data:

.177 485mm: 20007-R

.177 600mm: 20498-R

.177 700mm: 20601-R

.22 500mm: 20008-R

.22 600mm: 20013-R

.22 700mm: 20136-R

.22 800mm: 20644-R

.25 500mm: 20213-R

.25 600mm: 20009-R

.25 700mm: 20014-R

.25 800mm: 20687-R

.30 500mm: 20298-R

.30 600mm: 20010-R

.30 700mm: 20015-R

.30 800mm: 20711-R

.35 500mm Impact: 20610-R

.35 600mm Impact: 20609-R

.35 700mm Impact: 20605-R

.35 800mm Impact: 20335-R



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