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Designed to surpass mere competition, the FX Dynamic pneumatic rifle embraces its hunting capabilities. Incorporating cutting-edge airgun technology, the Dynamic surpasses its competition-oriented counterpart, the FX Panthera, with enhanced air capacity and versatile configurations. Notably, the Dynamic presents a .35 caliber option, delivering an impressive 200 ft lbs of energy while upholding the renowned accuracy and precision of FX rifles. With its purpose-built design for slugs, the Dynamic utilizes the eponymous breech block, featuring a compact, one-piece construction and a balanced valve with short impulse and high power. This remarkable valve ensures exceptional efficiency and precision, allowing a significant amount of air to be delivered with each shot. When properly tuned, the rifle achieves remarkably low single-digit standard deviations, showcasing one of the numerous advantages offered by the FX Dynamic. The Dynamic block is powered by the state-of-the-art Over-The-Barrel Power Plenum, an exclusive FX design. This innovative plenum enables the use of various plenum lengths to match the caliber and power requirements of the rifle while consistently applying regulated pressure to enhance barrel rigidity.

FX Dynamic comes with 4 different configuration options:

FX Dynamic Express - rear 480cc carbon fiber bottle with molded tank cover. Additionally, it incorporates an Arca rail that comes equipped with M-LOK sections, a bridge, and a barricade block.

FX Dynamic Double Express - In place of the front Arca rail, an extra bottle is installed, significantly expanding the onboard air storage capacity to exceed 1,000cc. This substantial increase in air volume ensures ample supply for extended shooting sessions.

FX Dynamic AR - Incorporating a carbon fiber bottle positioned at the front, the rifle utilizes this configuration while replacing the rear bottle with a folding AR stock receiver (please note that the AR stock and buffer tube are sold separately).

FX Dynamic VP - The rear section of the rifle features a 400cc aluminum bottle accompanied by a molded cheek cover. It is shipped without a hard case and front Arca rail, providing a bare configuration that allows for future upgrades or customization to suit the shooter's specific needs.

Note: Muzzle energy listed in the specifications of each rifle is for maximum setting. Due to differences in regulations the rifle is often produced with a lower muzzle energy from the factory.


REGULATOR AMP MKII Regulator MAGAZINE 21rds in .177 cal
18rds in .22 cal
16rds in .25 cal
13rds in .30 cal
10rds in .35 cal
WEIGHT Compact: 3.2kg (7 lbs)
Standard: 3.4kg (7.5 lbs)
Sniper: 3.5kg (7.65 lbs)
COCKING SYSTEM Reversible Sidelever
LENGTH Compact: 990mm (39”)
Standard: 1105 mm (43.5”)
Sniper: 1207 mm (47.5”)
BARREL Compatc: Standard Superior STX
Standard & Sniper: Superior Heavy STX
BARREL LENGTH Compact: 500mm (19.7”)
Standard: 600mm (23.6”)
Sniper: 700mm (27.5”)
34gr slug at 960 fps: .22 up to 70 ft/lbs
43.5gr slug at 910 fps: .25 up to 80 ft/lbs
64gr slug at 880 fps: 30 up to 110 ft/lbs
81gr pellet at 865 fps: .35 up to 135 ft/lbs
34gr pellet at 1040 fps: .22 up to 82 ft/lbs
43.5gr slug at 970 fps: .25 up to 91 ft/lbs
64gr slug at 1020 fps: .30 up to 130 ft/lbs
93gr slug at 915 fps: .35 up to 173 ft/lbs
40gr slug at 1040 fp: .22 up to 96 ft/lbs
55.5gr slug at 930 fps: .25 up to 107 ft/lbs
70gr slug at 982 fps: .30 up to 150 ft/lbs
125gr slug at 845 fps: .35 up to 198 ft/lbs
AIR CAPACITY Carbon Fiber 480cc* SHOT PER FILL Compact
15.9gr pellet at 870 fps: 180 shots in .22
25.4gr pellet at 880 fps: 90 shots in .25
44.8gr pellet at 860 fps: 60 shots in .30
81gr pellet at 840 fps: 30 shots in .35
22gr hybrid slug at 900 fps: 128 shots in .22
26gr hybrid slug at 900 fps: 96 shots in .25
44.5gr hybrid slug at 900 fps: 56 shots in .30
68gr hybrid slug at 900 fps: 26 shots in .35
22gr hybrid slug at 900 fps: 144 shots in .22
26gr hybrid slug at 900 fps: 112 shots in .25
44.5gr hybrid slug at 900 fps: 64 shots in .30
68gr hybrid slug at 900 fps: 30 shots in .35
TRIGGER Adjustable Match VALVE High-Power / Short Impulse
PLENUM SIZE Compact: 62cc Macro Plenum
Standard & Sniper: 156cc Magnum XL Plenum
OPTICS RAIL Picatinny *VP VERSION *VP uses 400cc Aluminum Cylinder: 232 BAR fill pressure | No Arca Rail Included*

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