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Standard - 500mm

Standard Plus - 600mm

Sniper - 700mm

The dramatic evolution of compressed air carbines has caused an escalation of the demand for handles, this has made it possible to appreciate an increase in the desire of the shooters for greater air flow and power in the carbines.

The FX Crown MKII takes on all these demands, and not only that, but it offers new capabilities to a carbine with near-perfect performance.

The increase in power that the MKII acquires comes from the combination of the valve, port and the space available in the plenum. The plenum has increased by 28% compared to the previous model, works in conjunction with the connection and a new larger valve in the MKII (6.5 mm valve). The combination provides spectacular results.

Another change to the Crown includes a 20MOA angle built into the picatinny rail. With air gunners capable of shooting at longer distances, this tilt of the viewfinder base at the front is what allows for a more usable elevation adjustment in the viewfinder at long distances.

The FX Crown MKII is also offered as a simplified entry-level model perfect for pairing with the recently launched Sabre Tactical Crown chassis.

The rest of the Crown's features remain the same.

Note: The muzzle energy indicated in the specifications of each rifle is for the maximum setting. Due to differences in regulations, the rifle can be configured with a lower mouth energy from the factory. Please contact your dealer for more information.

The scope is not included

Crown Standard
It comes with a 500mm barrel.
Crown VP
I comes with 500mm barrel. 400cc Aluminum bottle and FX cardboardbox
Crown Sniper
It comes with a 700mm barrel.
Crown Standard Plus
It comes with a 600mm barrel.


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Tubekit Superlight FX Crown

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