GoPro Hero 10 Full Set Up w/ca

Reference: YSIDEHERO10 SET

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includes Gopro Backbone Hero 10


Side Shot GoPro Hero 10 w/bed

Side-Shot is a universal adapter that holds your Go-Pro securely. The best part about Side-Shot is that it allows you to carry your carbine normally and look through your viewfinder as usual while recording.

Easy to install design.
Light and discreet.

Look through your normal eyepiece.
It works in all fire positions.
It keeps your eyes clear and your rifle balanced.
Follow with ease.

Companion can really see what you're shooting.
Use your favorite camera app.
It works with slow motion and other effects.
Minimum pre-shot settings.

Side Shot Phone Mount is designed for both use with firearms and compressed air weapons.

The included Go-Pro camera is modified by Backbone with a fixed lens of 1.18 12mm


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