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Compact - 500mm - 300cc

Standard - 600mm - 480cc

Sniper - 700mm - 580cc

The units we have in stock are updated with the Power Block.

The fx Impact defines how modern a carbine can be. It has no limits, unique in its generation. The impact M3 redefines these great standards, with improvements applied in every possible way. Overall it's the best carbine you can find.

The improvements within the M3 begin with its double regulation. The first regulator reduces the pressure for the preparation of the second. This provides less stress on the second regulator and thus achieves a constant pressure with fewer variations.

The Fx Power Plenum 720 is a new power source within the Impact M3. This plenum has a larger diameter and has 72cc of compressed air, this combination provides a precise air outlet and an exact energy to propel the projectile.

In addition to an improvement in the interface of the weapon: The Quick Tune System. This essentially toolless system encompasses everything a shooter could use to adjust the accuracy of their rifle, allowing for unlimited possibilities. Adjusting the air pressure the rifle uses through the dual regulators, how long the valve stays open with the front valve adjuster, and now incorporated, adjusting the hammer force with the completely redesigned micro and macro power settings.

Main novelties double regulator and expansion of plenum chamber.

Loading System: Lateral Forward
Charger Type
Detachable high capacity
38 shots on Cal .177 4.5
28 shots on Cal .22 5.5
28 shots in Cal .25 6.35
23 shots on Cal .30 7.62
AR15 style grip
Height-adjustable arm rests
4,5 (.177)
5,5 (.22)
6,35 (.25)
7,62 (.30)
9,00 (.35)
FX Smooth Twist X
Floating Match Grade
Length 500 mm 4.50 (.177) and 5.50 (.22) extended moderator.
Length 600 mm 5.50 (.22) 6.35 (.25) and 7.62 (.30)
Length 700 mm 5.50 (.22) , 6.35 (.25) and 7.62 (.30)
Shooting autonomy
4.5 (.177) 180 shots approx *600-700 shots in 16 Jul. for the UK.
5.5 (.22): 130 shots approx * 600-700 shots in 16Jul. for UK.
6.35 (.25): 100 shots approx
7.62 (.30): 40 shots approx
Filling pressure
Max 250 bar (3600 psi)
Side AR15 System
Rail Picatinny
Included in the aluminum lining of the barrel with the possibility of mounting another 1/2 UNF thread.
Pressure Gauge
One for the Bottle
One for the regulated camera
Adjustable Trigger Match
4.5 (.177): 300 m/s • 1000 ft/s
5.5 (.22): 280 m/s • 920 ft/s
6.35 (.25): 270 m/s • 900 ft/s
7.62 (.30): 265 m/s • 870 ft/s
Note: The data shown is as recommended by fac power output factory, but can be changed as needed.
4.5 (.177): Up to 47 J • 35 ft/lbs
5.5 (.22): Up to 107 J • 79 ft/lbs
6.35 (.25): Up to 120 J • 89 ft/lbs
7.62 (.30): Up to 168 J • 124 ft/lbs
9.00 (.35): Up to 211 J 156 ft/lbs.

Note: The data shown is recommended by fac power output factory, but can be changed as needed. The maximum powers shown are with slug and using the slug power kit.
Air Capacity
480 cc
Bottle type
Carbon fiber or aluminum according to version.
Depending on the canyon
Compact: 2.8kg – 6.10lbs
Standard: 3.1kg – 6.85 lbs
Sniper: 3.25kg – 7.15 lbs
9mm (.35): 3.35kg – 7.35 lbs
Charging system:
Foster Rapid Connector
More Features:

Double AMP Regulator – Adjustable from the outside

Micro and macro tension tension system of the hammer.

Valve opening adjustment

Interchangeable Caliber System

Multiple Picatinny rails up and down.

Accessory spot to mount angled pressure gauge.

The viewer is not included in the price.


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