How to search for spare parts


The easiest way to find a spare part is having the reference number ready. If you do not have the reference number of the spare, then you must find it on the technical diagram of the airgun. You may download the technical diagram on

Fx Airguns:

Cometa Airguns:

After you have got the reference number you can search for the spare by typing the reference number onto the search bar (  located at the top right corner of the site ). If the spare cannot be found please send us an email at

Spare Parts FX

FX Dreamline Plenum 17CC
24.00 €
Valvetube End
Made for Power Plenum M3, 72cc
35.20 €
Liner Nut mm
FX20167 / 8 / 9 / 70
7.90 €
Valve Pin Dreamline long Compl
FX20153C-1 DREAMLINE 2020
18.90 €
Impact Hammer HP
FX19622 19,50 gr
25.00 €
Saber Tactical Cocking Block Impact
105.00 €
Valvetube 20mm
FX19615 SET
73.00 €
Hammer Impact
FX19624 17,30 gr
25.00 €
Impact Hammer V2 PP
FX20270 18,30 gr
25.00 €
Valve seat SHP
FX19060 19059+19061
15.00 €
Repairing set for FX Impact
FX1982 Before 191084
82.00 €
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