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FXB 20826


The advancement of slug shooting and the enhancements to the FX Impact have shooters wanting to use heavier slugs at faster speeds.

This requires a more rigid barrel to handle the additional energy and vibrations created by these projectiles. The new FX Tensioned Barrel System
adds the firmness needed to let you reach the potential of the FX Impact with heavy slugs, all while maintaining the extreme accuracy everyone expects from an FX Airgun.
Conceived and created by the famed airgun engineer Hein Frommann, who perfected it through a global collaboration with Johan & Fredrik Axelsson (Sweden), Matt Dubber & Roelf Vorster (South Africa) & Ernest Rowe (USA). The result is really showing off the brain trust at FX Airguns.

From a barrel harmonics perspective, the tensioner system reduces the amplitude of barrel movement which results in better accuracy and more consistency. Secondarily the rigidness of the barrel becomes more temperature stable and will further hold zero regardless of conditions and to handle knocks to the barrel during hunting, PRS courses, etc.
The FX Tensioned Barrel System will be sold both as an add on system that can be used with any existing 700mm STX barrels, or sold with a barrel as part of a complete FX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit. For optimal accuracy the tensioned barrel system should be used in unison with the FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Liners Sleeves.


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